A lifestyle where ancient cures meet the latest in scientific advances.
Couples Massage Treatment done together in the same room allowing a couple to spend intimate time together. 60 minutes or 90 minutes. Any one of our massage treatments can be offered in a couples setting.
Pedicure A truly relaxing treatment. Warm sea salts are used to exfoliate dead skin cells, the feet are soaked in essentials of orange, lemon and rosemary, warm seaweed is applied to the feet, followed with a foot massage.
Pregnancy Massage Swedish or Aromatherapy Enjoy a one hour massage on our specially designed table for the mother to be.

Tir Na Nog Spa

At Tir Na Nog Spa, we have carefully designed our treatment program to individualize the needs of each person through the use of skincare, bodycare. Through this avenue, Tir Na Nog Spa is able to offer balance and harmony to the body, which leads way to a new sense of well being.

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Tir Na Nog Spa opens at
403 South Main Street
Providence RI 02906

If you enjoyed your services that you received at the Capital Club Spa located in the Westin Hotel Providence, you may continue to enjoy the same services at
Tir Na Nog Spa. We have moved from the Westin Hotel and now have a beautiful spa, the only day spa located in the downtown Providence area.


Skin Care & Facial
From deep pore cleansing to Micro-Dermabraision, Call
Spa Tir Na Nog,
to book your appointment today.
Phytomer Treatment
Treatments for a healthy, natural and sustainable beauty
Massage Therapy
Massage treatments offer you a journey that can be energizing and relaxing. Massage frees the body from toxins.